Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just Bag It!

Date: Wednesday, December 10
The Delivery: Loads of seasonal chocolate, good-for-you dark-chocolate bars, reusable bags, and some hemp products
Staff Pick: There's no more having to worry about paper or plastic with ChicoBag's pocket-size reusable bags

The DL: It feels wonderful to say, "No bag please," in the store check-out line, but it can definitely be a hassle to lug all your recyclable bags around. This is where the Vita bag comes to the rescue. It's plenty big and can hold up to 40 pounds, but can also fold up into a tiny ball that fits right into your pocket. Now that's what we call thrifty!


gossep boi said...

Oh my god!!! What company are those pinkish-reddish chocolate hearts from!!?? I want to know!!! xD

VegNews Magazine said...

The chocolates from this blog are Sjaak's Organic Chocolates. Yum!