Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Puppy Love

Date: Wednesday, December 9
The Delivery: Sweet & Sara mini marshmallows, Coco Lotion from LUSH, new candy-cane flavored Crazy Rumors lip balm (which you can now purchase at the VN store), a bottle of Kenzoil, and Therapeutic Chef by Kristin Doyle, RN, CNC
Staff Pick: Puppies!

The DL: Don't get us wrong, all of the new products today seem great, but these puppies, named Khane and Cal, have all of our attention. Could you resist this adorableness? Didn't think so. Thinking of getting your own pup this holiday? Be sure to adopt.


Peter said...

OH MY GOD!!! Those two puppies are so cute! Its so sad that they would be left by someone!! At least they have a great home now!! CANDY KHANE!! Really, though...if you're planning on getting a pet this holiday season, PLEASE ADOPT!! Just look and see right here what you might be passing up!

Anonymous said...

VegNews, y'know I love ya... but I have to slap your hand a bit on this one. While it's great that this post is encouraging adoption (NEVER buy your pet!!!), I'm not a fan of promoting pets as holiday gifts. Ask any animal sheltering professional, and they'll tell you that they see their highest relinquishment rates post-holiday (this also applies to rabbits, post-Easter). The reason? Getting a pet should be a carefully thought-out decision which involves everyone in the household. This step gets skipped when dogs, cats, gerbils, etc. are given solely for that Christmas morning "wow!" factor. My advice? Please wait until AFTER the holidays -- your local shelter will, sadly, have many wonderful animals from which to choose. Happy Holidays!

Gretchen said...

So true. If you're planning to give the gift of a warm, furry bundle of unconditional love for the holidays, be sure the family is ready for, and looking forward to, that responsibility, especially if it's a chihuahua, who require special care and diligence. I'm sure VegNews is wholeheartedly behind that policy!

Thank you, VegNews, for this adorable picture and for looking after wayward doggies!!!

VegNews Magazine said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Of course, we do completely agree with Gretchen and Anon—bringing an animal into your home should be a carefully considered decision. We just couldn't keep the cuteness of these two to ourselves!

peter said...

I agree with anon and I personally think that the time of year should never discourage someone from adopting. I also do not think that adopting a pet during the holiday season will in any way adversely affect the profound effect that adopting has on the community of animals that wait lovingly for the person or family that will save their lives. I also agree with Gretchen that with any animal (especially chi-chis) the plan to adopt should be carefully thought out and in addition to the acknowledgment of joy that these furry bundles of love will provide to their new loving families the best interest of the love monger should always be considered. Additionally, adopting is rarely a knee-jerk reaction and I have a hard time seeing any wrong in said act.
Thank you VegNews for your kindness, Love (without condition) and compassion through it all!!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Oh man, Khane and Cal are the cutest!