Wednesday, December 15, 2010

VegNews Magazines

The Date: Wednesday, December 16
The Delivery: Our stunning January+February 2011 issue
Staff Pick: The issues!

The DL: We asked you who would be the lovely face of the first VegNews of 2011, and those of you who picked Kris Carr can now commence your gloating. We'll be patting ourselves on the backs along with youour hard work paid off in this fantastic issue. This baby ships out to subscribers in the next week (available on newsstands January 1), and is filled with all things healthy, wintry, delicious, andespecially in the case of our cover galinspiring! Need we gently remind you once again how amazing it is to be a subscriber and find the magazine in your mailbox before those poor people who have to wait for the newsstand copies? Buy a subscription today! Oh, and since you're dying to peek into the pages of this new issue, order yourself an advanced copy in the VegNews Store.


Jess - The Domestic Vegan said...

Yes! I am so excited for this issue! I devoured "Crazy Sexy Diet" in less than two days because it was so good I couldn't put it down. Kris Carr is an amazing woman, and so inspirational!

Also, I have to say that I LOVE that you guys ship out the mag to subscribers BEFORE it hits newsstands. It seems like so many magazines hit newsstands first, and then to subscribers days or even a week later. Just another perk of subscribing to your fabulous publication! :)

Ana said...

Hey, I guessed it right!!!
So, who was the winner of the subscription? I would love to win this one!

Get Skinny, Go Vegan said...

Yeah! Kris ties veganism all together with health, environment, and spiritual well being. I have been so inspired by her since the first time I saw her TLC documentary. She took a seemingly negative event in her life and transformed it while it transformed her. Her blog is the most comprehensive on the web and she is saving lives by sharing her experiences with cancer.

Pure2raw twins said...

Awesome, cannot wait to get this issue! Love Kris!!