Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vegan Wine

The Date: Thursday, June 16
The Delivery: Vegan wine from The Vegan Vine
Staff Pick: The cabernet sauvignon

The DL: We here at VN love our beer, wine, and spirits, as is evidenced by our new featurettes on vegan summer beers and wine and cheese, not to mention our perfect attendance at SF Vegan Drinks. (By the way, this month's special is a peach, passion fruit, and pineapple martini. Now tell us that doesn't sound delicious.) Popping open a bottle of this wine for a taste test at the end of the day seems like a great way to get an evening started. If we have to stay a little late to finish, no big deal. The wine at the top tastes different from the wine at the bottom, right?

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