Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Don't Have A Cow. Seriously.

Date: Tuesday, October 14
The Delivery: Energy and trail mix bars, an eco-revolution book, and coconut-based frozen desserts
Staff Pick: There's a new dairy-free frozen-dessert on the block called NadaMoo!

The DL: There are so many ice cream alternatives to choose from nowadays, and the trouble with that is choosing which one to eat now. Oh, how convenient! A vegan dessert delivery! Lotta Mint Chip, here we come.


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I've been wanting to try NadaMoo!

Anonymous said...

oh man! and we already recorded our coconut-based ice cream episode. i had no idea nada moo existed. poop!

Daniela said...

Nada Moo tastes great and they try really hard to reach their core base (vegans) and also non-vegans at events like the Austin Ice Cream Festival. My favorite is their coconut flavor, even though they all have a hint of coconut since they are made from coconut-milk after all.

Any vegan/natural foods eater who is concerned about eating too much soy should try this delicious soy-free non-dairy alternative. But as far as I know they only are available in Austin natural food stores.

NadaMoo! said...

Thanks for spreading the word about NadaMoo! You'll find pints in natural food stores, both small and large throughout Texas, especially in Dallas and Houston, but also in California and Colorado and much of the rest of the Rocky Mountain region. If you need help finding NadaMoo! near you, send us an email at info@nadamoo.com.

Lots of Dairy-Free Love,
Your friends at NadaMoo!