Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rawsome Dessert

Date: Wednesday, February 11
The Delivery:
Two books, A CD by Compassionate Cooks, a bag of chips, and some body products from Save Your World
Staff Pick: We think Ani Phyo's new cookbook, Ani's Raw Food Desserts, looks darling

The DL
: If this cookbook is anything like Ani's first book, Ani's Raw Food Kitchen, then we are super-excited to test out these sweet recipes. Who says raw can't be fun?


Amanda said...

I'm so excited to see a CD from Compassionate Cooks because I can't get enough of the podcasts! I love the way Colleen approaches each of the subjects and her thoughtfulness and humor are always appreciated! I can't wait to see what's on the CD!

ms. jared said...

I love the Compassion In Action CD from Compassionate Cooks too! It's a wonderful starter gift for budding veg*ns as well as a great "here's WHY I'm veg*n" to share with family and friends who are still mystified and intimidated by veg*ism and what it really means.