Monday, March 9, 2009

Expo West Week Extravaganza: Day One

Date: Monday, March 9
The Delivery: Some Jammy Sammys and other fun snacks from Revolution Foods, a Hickory Smoked Primal Strip, a Pacifica gift set, and lip gloss from MyChelle
Staff Pick: All the goodies from Expo West

The DL
: The VN staffers had one busy weekend at Expo West, quite possibly the world's largest natural products pow wow. From vegan dog biscuits to the finest in faux meat, we sampled from dawn 'til dusk, and have the samples to prove it. All this week, we'll be featuring some of the amazing new products we previewed in person. Here are a few to start with; the rest are slowly making their way up to the VNHQ in a rented minivan. Can you guess which product above won one of the coveted Best of Show 2009 awards?

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