Monday, March 29, 2010

Big Ol' Box

The Date: Monday, March 29
The Delivery: A box full of mostly non-vegan stuff, a book, and a water bottle
Staff Pick: Peet's Coffee beans

The DL: This was one sad delivery day! We look forward to downing the coffee though. It's the small pleasures in life, we say.


elise said...

I can't believe companies send non-vegan things to VegNews... Bizarre.

elise said...

Whoops, my apologies - I had always thought VegNews was a vegan magazine, not vegetarian. My bad!

VegNews Magazine said...

Hi Elise,

We are indeed an all-vegan magazine. This blog just shows all that we receive at the VNHQ—vegan or non-vegan. Thanks for your comments!

The VegNews Team