Monday, March 22, 2010

A Tour to Remember

The Date: Monday, March 22
The Delivery: Village Harvest frozen grains, a book, and Clarisea sea salt treatment
Staff Pick: 600 Miles to Goat by Josh Hooten

The DL: Previously featured on, Hooten, of Herbivore Clothing, writes about his bike tour from Portland, Ore., to Farm Sanctuary in Orland, Calif., in May 2009, when he raised almost $13,000 for the sanctuary. A good tale of a good cause, we say!

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5webs said...

Hey! Do you know what you guys should do? You should have a small panel of testers (myself included of course) who you would periodically send new products to for review. We could then submit reviews to you, and you could either post them or use them to create a master review. Oh come on, pleeeez...
Alicia Webster