Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Super Sticky Treats

The Date: Wednesday, April 28
The Delivery: Ice cream from Blue Mountain Cashew Creamery, mail-order treats from Sticky Fingers Bakery, several copies of American Vegan Kitchen (future giveaway to come), and some incredible hazelnut butter bites from Sjaak's
Staff Pick: Nothing can beat the Sticky Fingers Cowvin Cookie

The DL: Take it from us, Sticky Fingers is probably the best thing about Washington, DC—at least food-wise. And now it has brand-new mail-order packaging! If you haven't tried this delicious cookie, hurry to the website now and order a bunch. You won't regret it!

1 comment:

shannonmarie said...

I started going to Sticky Fingers bakery when I first saw them mentioned in your magazine. Thanks for the tip.

That Blue Mountain raw ice cream is pretty good, too. I recently found some in my area. Yum!