Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Delicious Desserts

The Date: Wednesday, July 28
The Delivery: A children's book, a vegan dessert cookbook, and some delicious-looking treats from Good Stuff by Mom & Me
Staff Pick: Are You Sure That's Vegan? by Claire Gosse

The DL: Our mouths are watering just flipping through this cookbook, which includes a ton of color photos of each recipe. We want to get back in the kitchen and start baking right now!

Speaking of baking, if you're in the SF Bay Area this Saturday, July 31, come out to the Vegan Bakesale. There will be sweet treats galore and you'll be supporting a great cause!


supercarrot said...

the website for that book really takes an (hopefully) unintentional dig at the other vegan dessert cookbook writers out there.

(and the title just takes a dig at all vegans everywhere. we really need to get rid of that whole incredulous "this is vegan?!" attitude. of course it's vegan. of course it's delicious. why would you think otherwise?)

Anonymous said...

I think it fair game to market this way. Many vegan desserts I have tried have been dry, or tasting like hay.

I haven't tried the book but it has my interest.