Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Helpful Advice

The Date: Tuesday, July 27
The Delivery: A book
Staff Pick: Will Write for Food by Dianne Jacob

The DL: Deliveries were down today, so we couldn't be too choosy for the Staff Pick. Although this book isn't really relevant to the vegan cause, it does look helpful if you're an inspiring food writer.

Speaking of writing, do you have questions for Howard Lyman, author of Mad Cowboy? Head over to the VegNews Book Club to submit questions to be answered by Lyman himself!

1 comment:

teagen said...

Sounds relevent to me. At the heart Veganism isn't really about food but that's our access to it in a lot of ways. More well written vegan books and blogs and books on food jusice are very welcome! I see why they sent it in.