Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Truffles! Lots of them!

The Date: Wednesday, September 22
The Delivery: Truffles and chocolates galore.
Staff Pick: N
icobella Organics chocolate-covered nut clusters.

The DL: Um, THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER. Just look at all those truffles! Sadly, we must wait tortuously until a few other brands arrive before conducting our definitive, extra-official, very serious truffle taste-test which will appear in the January+February 2011 issue. Fortunately, Nicobella Organics knows what's up, because they also sent us their new chocolate-covered nut clusters. We are dying to dig into the Dark Chocolate Maple Pecans, which feature a touch of sea salt, and "a touch of sea salt" is the best thing you can do to chocolate. (You heard it here first!) Pair that with Elizabeth's Quinoa Salmon Salad, and you have one amazing Wednesday of food.


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Damn, I want to be there for THAT delivery!

teagen said...

The best truffles ever are Booja Booja from England. My penpal sends them to me but I have seen them on one of the US vegan Mail order sites.