Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vegan Cooking Sauces

The Date: Tuesday, May 10
The Delivery: Ready-made Indian cooking sauces from Stonehouse 27
Staff Pick: The cilantro and coconut cooking sauce

The DL: We here at VegNews are pretty loco for coconuts these days. From our new Food Feature extolling coconut's many culinary and bodily benefits to This Week's Must Have (chocolate coconut milk, anyone?), this fuzzy brown gem is constantly in our thoughts. Enter: Stonehouse 27's new cilantro and coconut cooking sauce with hints of lemon and ginger. We can't wait to see what this sauce can do to a plate of veggies, and are happy that we get to keep this coconut kick going. Now, if only we had some of that Coconut Bliss ice cream left....

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