Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chocolates and Dips

The Delivery: Desiderio Chocolates marshmallow truffle bar and salted chocolate caramels, and Blushing Apple’s vegan dips—roasted tomato salsa, tapenade, and roasted fig dip
Staff Pick: Vanilla marshmallow truffle bar

The DL: In just a matter of minutes, the entire VegNews staff will be chowing down on an amazing Thanksgiving luncheon. On the menu: Native Foods Wellington, homemade mashed potatoes, soy egg nog, roasted Brussels sprouts, and… you’ll have to check Café VegNews later today for more details! If you still haven’t figured out your Thanksgiving centerpiece plans, check out our taste test for some last minute ideas. Now back to that feast…


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Remy said...

Oooh dips and salted caramels and truffle bars? Yum.