Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Anti-Aging Care, a Calendar, and a DVD

The Delivery: Anti-aging cleanser, scrub, and treatment cream from Stages of Beauty; a 2012 calendar from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds; and signed copies of Vegucated
Staff Pick: Vegucated

The DL: We are no strangers to Vegucated. We were lucky enough to have it delivered to our offices, watched a screening at Vida Vegan Con, and we even hosted the film's San Francisco premiere party. If you resolved to go veg for 2012, you know someone who has, or you just want to be inspired by this funny, positive documentary, Vegucated will deliver. Do you prefer reading for inspiration? Check out our 10 favorite vegan cookbooks, 10 favorite vegan books, and 5 favorite vegan book-cookbook hybrids of 2011 to get started!


Adam said...

after taking my mom to a screening of Vegucated she went vegan in the new year :)

10 years younger said...

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Elizabeth J. Neal said...

I end up looking like I'm faking it instead of looking naturally pretty. It gets even harder to find a lovely bronzer,