Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nuts for Coconut Milk

The Date: Wednesday, January 5
The Delivery: Lots of goodies from So Delicious
Staff Pick: The individual serving Coconut Milks

The DL: The holidays might technically be over, but that doesn't stop the steady stream of gifts from flooding into the VNHQ each day. OK, maybe technically they aren't gifts—they are, in fact, products for review—but opening the big delivery boxes certainly feels like opening presents. Today, we were thrilled to discover a huge box from So Delicious that contained a selection of the company's Coconut Milk line, plus a sweet Hamilton Beach blender and a fancy glass. Trying to decide what to pick was tough, so we went with the mini-milks, since three flavors are better than one. Today, for the first time ever, we feel like Jillian Michaels might be jealous of us!


Adam said...

what did you think of the original and chocolate flavors? inwas disappointed to see stevia in the ingredients, not really a fan of it, I'd rather just have a little real natural sugar.. but I do wanna try them if I spot them in the store

Helen said...

You guys ARE lucky! But I am, too! I found the new single-serve beverages at Whole Foods today, and I bought one of each. I couldn't wait to rip into the chocolate. It's SOOOO good! And the sugar free one is kind of fruity, tasting. I love it! Now, where do I find one of those single-serve blenders? That looks really great!