Monday, January 31, 2011

Vegan Caesar Dressing and Beauty Products

The Date: Monday, January 31
The Delivery: Non-Dairy Caesar Organic Dressing from OrganicVille and assorted skincare and haircare products from Sparkle! Naturals
Staff Pick: The dressing!

The DL: We here at VNHQ love our greens. From salads to tacos to green juice, we just can't get enough. Did you hear? Sounds like Oprah (and almost 400 of her employees) are digging the green stuff toocheck out how they all went vegan for a week on her show tomorrow! As such, we are always excited for the arrival of another way to spice up our salad bowls. Hello! How often do you find vegan Caesar dressing? Here's to our next lunch break, where we will be drizzling this gluten-free gem all over our spinach and sprouts.

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