Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Books, Beauty, and a Vegan Purse

The Date: Wednesday, March 23
The Delivery: The Self Health Revolution by J. Michael Zenn, shaving foams from eco-armour, and the Hermes-Inspired Textured Birkin bag by Bello Iris
Staff Pick: The Self Health Revolution

The DL: We know, we know. Picking a book over that beautiful bag? That's like choosing to eat a head of iceberg lettuce instead of cupcakes. But stick with us for a second. This new book says it will tell us how to extend our lives by 15 years, get rid of aches and pains forever, and three things we can do to stay fit and thin for the rest of our lives! Plus, this week at VN we're getting pretty booked up. From Monday's delivery, to VN Publisher Joe Connelly's book-brainstorming session with bestselling author Jeffrey Masson, to our visit with the author himself yesterday (he gave us signed copies of his latest!), we can't seem to get enough of them.

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