Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tea, Soda, Vegan Yogurt, and a Book

The Date: Thursday, March 17
The Delivery: Going Raw by Judita Wignall, Amande cultured almond milk in assorted flavors from Cascade Fresh, Zevia natural sodas, and Honest Teas
Staff Pick: The strawberry cultured almond milk

The DL: Consider our brows raised. Cultured almond milk? As in yogurt? Who'da thunk it? We are looking forward to trying this new fruity specimen and its cohorts, and hope to add it to our vegan yogurt arsenal. Funny we should mention arsenals: With this week's VegNews Vegan Bucket List Giveaway consisting of a $100 shopping spree at MooShoes, you can (faux) beef up your vegan shoe arsenal in no time flat. And no, it is not lost on us that flats are a type of shoe. We're just clever like that.


teagen said...

You picked the 'yougurt' as your fave and you haven't tried it yet? Do share when you've tried it!

teagen said...

I looked at the website for the almond yogurt and it was only dairy items, this must not be available yet.

Megan fox said...

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Adam said...

i've had the almondmilk yogurts, delicious! very thick and creamy, almost more like a cross between pudding and yogurt, and they actually have no refined sugar, they're sweetened with fruit juice.. i believe they're exclusive to Whole Foods Market right now, then most likely will be available other places at some point later on