Monday, December 12, 2011

Cookbooks and Wayfare Products

The Delivery: Non-veg cookbook Kitchen on Fire by Olivier Said and Chef Mike C., The Sexy Vegan Cookbook by Brian L. Patton, and an assortment of Wayfare cheeses, puddings, and non-dairy products
Staff Pick: The Sexy Vegan Cookbook

The DL: This cookbook looks like a great way to start the new year (and who doesn’t want to feel sexy while they’re cooking?). Speaking of cookbooks, VegNews publisher Joseph Connelly has just posted his list of the Ten Must-Have Vegan Cookbooks of 2011, so check it out if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for the resident foodie in your family. As for everyone else, there’s no better place to turn than Etsy, and we’ve got the perfect guide for you! Think chocolate marzipan caramels, ninja soap, and gorgeous jewelry. Amazing!

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Teagen said...

I already pre ordered my Sexy Vegan cookbook, can't wait!