Friday, December 2, 2011

Delicious Vegan Food

The Delivery: Two boxes of treats from Allison’s Gourmet; MozzaRisella’s vegan mozzarella; samples of sour cream, pudding, and cheese from WayFare; and Gardein’s beefless burgers, chipotle-lime crispy fingers, ultimate sliders, and mandarin orange crispy chick'n
Staff Pick: Allison’s Gourmet truffles, peppermint chocolate bark, peppermint cream patties, and peanut butter cups

The DL: Anytime one of the royal purple Allison’s Gourmet boxes arrives at the office, we can’t wait to dig in and see what Allison has come up with this time (needless to say, we are never disappointed). While she runs an artisan bakery, she’s not afraid to go savory now and again—check out her recipe for vegan lasagna in the Novermber+December issue of VegNews, which has already received tons of praise from readers. In case your sweet tooth still isn’t fixed after tasting Allison’s delicious confections, try This Week’s Must-Have: a Marshmallow Truffle Bar from Desiderio Chocolates. Just try to save some for the inevitable drooling onlookers (i.e. us).

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Allison Rivers Samson said...

Honored that you enjoyed our new goodies so! Happy weekend. =)