Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Products and Adorable Napkins

The Date: Tuesday, October 5
The Delivery: Raw granola, cookies, and kale crisps from The Cook & Butler, Silver Hills sprouted hempseed bread, and cute napkins
Staff Pick: Veggie character napkins from Home Deconomics

The DL: This past weekend's 11th Annual San Francisco World Veg Festival (read about it on Press Pass!) featured a slew of great new vegan products, among them being these assorted delights from The Cook & Butler. The pick, however, goes to the thoughtful gift from our dear friends Jenny and Heather Goldberg at Spork Foods. The lovely sisters sent us these adorable linens from Home Deconomics as an office-warming gift. I don't know if you noticed, but they (and by they, we of course mean both the sisters and the napkins) are pretty damn cute.

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Home Deconomics said...

As the maker of those napkins I'm terribly delighted that you like them! Those Sporkies have excellent taste :)