Friday, October 22, 2010

Street Smart Vegan

The Date: Friday, October 22
The Delivery: A book
Staff Pick: Street Smart Vegan by Jay Wesley Anderson

The DL: Street Smart Vegan appears to be a slim, easy-to-digest, savvy guide to veganism, including advice concerning diet, social, nutrition, companion animal, travel, and more, which sounds like a great little book for both aspiring and established vegans. And since it just so happens that next week is Emily Deschanel-endorsed Go Vegan Week, this book's arrival at VNHQ is aptly timed. Happy weekend!


pea18 said...

Great book! Love the quick vegan tips and casual approach to doing good for ourselves and in the process for the planet too. Go Street Smart Vegan!!

LABA said...

Love this book! Fun to read with a wealth of good and practical information. If you are wondering about a Vegan lifestyle, and you are not sure where to start... This is a great book to get you motivated!