Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crazy Sexy Diet

The Date: Thursday, October 14
Staff Pick: Crazy Sexy Diet

The DL: Continuing our week of books-we've-been-eagerly-anticipating comes Kris Carr's follow up to her first book Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, wherein she inspired cancer sufferers and their loved ones all over the world with her refusal to let her cancerous diagnosis stop her from continuing to try to heal in many ways; among them with a plant-based diet, yoga, meditation, and an ultra-positive, playful attitude. Crazy Sexy Diet, which will be published in January, features Carr and her trademark sass, this time focussing completely on a healing veg diet, and including contributors such as Dr. Neal Barnard and Skinny Bitch's Rory Freedman. We expect to, once again, be crazy-sexy-inspired!


Anonymous said...

Kris continues to influence my life! After folling her lifestyle recommendations, I am going strong and happier than ever! She is the real deal! mkb, 5 year brain CANser survivor....

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the new book! Always an inspiration!