Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pasta and a Cookbook

The Date: Wednesday, October 13
The Delivery: Whole-grain pasta from Jovial, and a new cookbook.
Staff Pick: Asian Fusion by Chat Mingkwan

The DL: Today's deliveries bring much in the way of supper inspiration, with a cookbook filled with recipes from all over Asia, and a ton of pasta! Asian Fusion contains recipes inspired by places such as Burma, China, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, and more, making it a nice addition to the great new vegan cookbooks being released of late (see yesterday's excitement over Appetite for Reduction for an idea about just how stoked we are for new cookbooks!). Oh, and it just so happens that Asian Fusion contains recipes inspired by countries VegNews is visiting in current and upcoming VegNews Vacations. Publishers Colleen Holland and Joseph Connelly are currently in India for the very first VegNews Vacation, the 2011 trips to India and Thailand are sold out, and there are still a few remaining spots if you'd care to join us in Laos. For now, we'll be following Joseph and Colleen's adventures as they post pictures on our Facebook page.

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