Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Books and Magazines

The Date: Wednesday, November 17
The Delivery: Books and Magazines
Staff Pick: Purely Delicious Raw Food and Lifestyle Magazine

The DL: While we are always excited about the arrival of new bookstoday A Life In Balance by Meg Wolff and Veganist by Kathy Frestonwe were charmed by these back-issues from a fellow vegan magazine called Purely Delicious, which focuses on raw food and the raw, vegan lifestyle. This glossy publication is the brainchild of Rebecca Carlson, who has been the sole producer of the magazine since 2008. As VegNews staffers who know just how much it takes to produce an awesome vegan magazine, our hats are off to Rebecca.

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Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

Do you guys ever take nearly vegan books?? I haven't bought a non- vegan book in over 15 years but saw the title " The Indian Slow Cooker" and pounced. Nearly the whole book is vegan or can be made so. She even includes a recipe that includes " ground soy crumbles". You use dried beans, unsoaked. so super cheap, super easy, and super tasty. Also can be made with no oil! When I walk in the door now I wonder if an Indian woman has been cooking in my kitchen the whole day! I have some photos and talk about some of the dishes at

Seriously simple, gluten free, dump stuff on pot, push button. Didnt know if it was on your radar because usually since it wasn't all vegan. Her next book might be all vegan though!