Friday, November 19, 2010


The Date: Friday, November 19
The Delivery: A humungous bag of Parma!
Staff Pick: The delicious contents of said bag.

The DL: We are shameless Parma! addicts. When it comes to Parma!, we show no reservation sprinkling it (or, more accurately, dumping it) on everything from savory oatmeal to deep-dish pizza that already has crazy amounts of melty Daiya. The latter was on the menu for lunch today, as we celebrated our wonderful Associate Editor Liz Miller's VegNews tenure. Does unreasonable amounts of vegan cheese help alleviate the pain we feel knowing how much we are going to miss Liz? No, but we'll take it anyway. Can't find Parma! in your area? We sell it in the VegNews store! While you're there, check out our amazing collection of Holiday must-haves, including the VegNews Holiday Cookbook, peppermint soy candles, and the adorable VegNews holiday card set. Happy weekend!

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