Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Popcorn, Baking Mixes, Cookies, and Cups

The Date: Wednesday, February 2
The Delivery: Assorted raw cookies from Piccolinos, assorted gluten-free baking mixes from Truly Organic Baking, dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Justin's, and Chocolate Pirate's Booty from Pirate Brands
Staff Pick: The dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Duh.

The DL: This week is a seriously fantastic week to be vegan. Okay, so every week is a seriously fantastic week to be a vegan, but this one is exceptional. Let us break it down for you: Kathy Freston's Veganist is number one on Amazon (could she and her new book be in our upcoming March+April issue??), Oprah had an entire episode of her show on veganism and we got to go to a watch party, Kris Carr stopped by VNHQ for lunch with the staff yesterday and is having a book signing tonight, and...(drumroll please)...Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups have arrived. One VN staffer literally squealed in delight. Dark chocolate. Peanut Butter. Cups. There's just nothing else to say. We might even not be able to finish this sentence because there are only four cups for the entire offi

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