Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vegan Burgers and Beauty Products

The Date: Thursday, February 3
The Delivery: Asherah's Gourmet vegan burgers in original and chipotle; and mineral makeup and toner from KSS Professional
Staff Pick: The vegan burgers

The DL: You would think that after a Chinese New Year lunch filled with dumplings, veggies, and tofu, that more food would be the last thing on our minds. Then we probably haven't met, because the VN staff is all food, all the time (except when we're making an award-winning website, planning awesome vacations, and creating beautiful magazine issues). Actually, we think about food even when we're doing all of those things. We are looking forward to trying these quinoa-based burgers while we work. And yes, eating vegan burgers is in our job description.

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