Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Soy Yogurt, Lip Balm, and Lotion

The Date: Wednesday, January 9
The Delivery: Plain and key lime soy yogurts from WholeSoy & Co. and assorted lip balms and all-over lotion from Sprout Wellness
Staff Pick: The key lime soy yogurt

The DL: We got a great reminder of why we don't eat animal products when we watched Mercy for Animals' new film Farm to Fridge. (Did we mention we got an exclusive interview with MFA Founder and Executive Director Nathan Runkle?) WholeSoy must have known that sweet, cruelty-free treats really help us feel better, because today we received what can only be described as a small mountain of soy yogurt, including the new key lime flavor. We are looking forward to digging our spoons into these cups and remembering how lucky we are that we don't cause cruelty.


TM said...

I love Whole Soy, it's the best soygurt!

Yesica Arredondo said...

Thank you so much from WholeSoy for the support! Glad to hear you enjoyed the Key Lime so much! :)