Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bananagrams Galore!

The Delivery: The complete line of Bananagrams games—Pairs in Pears, Appletters, Zip-It, Fruitominoes, a magnetic monkey, a balloon, Bananagrams bracelets, and the original Bananagrams
Staff Pick: We’ve got to go with the classic—Bananagrams

The DL: Thank you, Bananagrams—we are thrilled with the box of games! These games combined with a tasty brunch from Dharma’s restaurant this morning mean today will have minimal productivity, but maximum enjoyability! That’s usually the relationship between work and fun, right? In all seriousness, we’ve got a magazine to produce here, so our love affair with the entire line of Bananagrams games will have to bud during word game-fuelled, lunch break-only competitions. We just started working on the design for our January+February issue, so if you want it delivered right to your mailbox, hot off the press, sign up for a subscription soon. 


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Portugal said...

I brought this game with me on a cruise with 20 friends. It was the hit of the party. Every night they would ask me to play this game. A very easy, quick and fun game. Now almost everyone has bough their own game.