Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rice Medleys

The Delivery: A variety of frozen whole grain meals from Village Harvest
Staff Pick: Whole Grain Creations with wild rice, brown rice, corn, and black beans

The DL: Ah, rice—an important staple food for many across the world, including those in this office. But you know what else is a staple around this office in October? Halloween candy. From salted chocolate caramels to Champagne-cherry lollipops, the VegNews staff seems to be on a constant sugar high from amazing vegan sweets. If candy is the best part of October for you, check out the Official Guide to Vegan Halloween Candy. Let us know if we’re missing your favorites so that we can work to compile the most stellar guide to Halloween candy in the galaxy. Fair warning—if you send us too many good ideas, you can probably expect a bunch of sugar-ravenous editors at the door, trick-or-treating for the best stuff. 


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