Friday, March 2, 2012

Books, Tea, and a DVD

The Delivery: Dating Vegans: Recipes for Relationships by Anne Dinshah, Practically Raw by Amber Shea Crawley, Humane Society of the United StatesLatest in Clinical Nutritional Volume 8 by Michael Greger, and Mother Earth Zest and Dreamtime loose-leaf teas from Sacred Rose
Staff Pick: Practically Raw

The DL: It's pretty serendipitous that Practically Raw was today's Staff Pick: Not only is it one of our 10 must-buy vegan cookbooks for 2012, but the author herself stopped by the VNHQ today! If you're looking to add more uncooked deliciousness to your diet, be sure to pick up this book and whip up some of Gena Hamshaw's Raw Corn Tortillas (which just so happen to be this week's What's Cooking). Maybe you could read over Practically Raw's pages while eating a raw tortilla or two. Just a thought.

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Amber Shea @Almost Vegan said...

Thanks again for having me! It was great chatting with you!