Thursday, March 15, 2012

Salad Dressing, Raw Chips, and Vegan Bacony Bits!

The Delivery: Petrini's Italian, Classic Italian, and Italian Ranch (not vegan) Salad Dressings, Samples of Pig Out bacony bits from WayFare Foods, and Raw Red Bell Pepper and Kale Chips from Brad's Raw Foods
Staff Pick: Brad's Raw Chips and Raw Leafy Kale

The DL: We've had these kale chips before and we'll have these kale chips again, and that's because they're delicious. Seriously—taking out a container in one sitting is a piece of cake for the VN staffers. Want to make these addictive snacks at home? Check out our March+April issue for a fantastic recipe for Kale Chips, plus three yummy variations.

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