Monday, March 26, 2012

Kale Chips 'n' Cookies

The Delivery: Alive and Radiant's kale chips and raw cookies (most contain honey)
Staff Pick: The kale chips

The DL: We are no strangers to Alive and Radiant's creatively-flavored kale chips: We first tasted these savory and sweet (yep, they have chocolate kale chips!) snacks at this year's Expo West. And you know what's great about them? They're so covered in delicious coatings (not just chocolate, but tarragon-Dijon, cheesy chipotle, and others), you can't believe you're eating kale! Want a killer kale chips recipe to make in your kitchen? The best one ever is in our March+April issue!

1 comment:

Remy said...

I love alive and radiants kale chips too! But I have yet to have the chocolate ones or tarragone dulce...mmm get me some of those!!