Friday, March 23, 2012

Down to Cocomo(Joe)

The Delivery: Assorted Cocomo Joe Foods bars, granola, and popcorn
Staff Pick: The caramel corn!

The DL: We first tasted this new line of vegan bars, granola, and popcorn at Expo West, and let's just say that we wouldn't mind taking this caramel popcorn down to Bermuda (or Bahama). If you can't make it to Key Largo or Montego, be sure to check out The Healthy Voyager's top 10 foodie and green spring break destinations over on All of us here at VegNews wish you a happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

I also tried some of the products at the expo and I was very impressed. I meet the owner "Joe" and he was a nice guy. I wish him and his product well.

Actress/Artist/Writer said...

I love all of Cocomo Joe's organic products, especially the caramel corn, mango bars & cranberry granola! Try them all. I think people are going to love Joe and his healthy organic food! Pass the word!

Anonymous said...

I like what they say about making granolas that actually have flavor. I tried some and it's true. All other granolas are just sweet like they say on their facebook page. I also had the bars and it's uncanny how something so healthy can taste so good. The cocomo corn is beyond description. I was at Expo West and while I was at the cocomo joe booth, everyone came up and sampled several things, where at most booths they would take one thing and walk away. Popcorn Indiana came over and stole some of his cocomo corn after reading the ingredients and Kind Bars came over and said they liked his joebars better than their own. This company is onto something and they're doing it in a very conscious way. They even say to eat less on the back of the granola bag. what food company tells you to eat less?!!!