Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jars of Fun: Vegan Parm, Olives, and Pomade

The Delivery: Olives from Musco Family Olive CoMorrocco Method Int'l pomade (not vegan), and Parmela vegan parmesan replacer
Staff Pick: Vegan parm!

The DL: Made from fermented ingredients such as rice, nuts, and soy, this cruelty-free parmesan substitute from Parmela is a welcome addition to the VN pantry. We can't wait to sprinkle the stuff onto Managing Editor Elizabeth Castoria's dad's hearty homemade pasta sauce and meatballs—truly the stuff of legends, if you ask us. If you're not already drooling at the thought of authentic Italian pasta sauce, check out 5 Vegan-Friendly Towns on our Radar to catch a glimpse of the mouth-watering meals being churned out at eateries across the country!

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