Monday, April 2, 2012

Books, Skincare, and Vegan Caramels

The Delivery: People Before Profit by Ken Koopman, Full Body Burden by Kristen Iversen, Planet Skincare's Platinum Creme Excellence, caramels from Obsessive Confection Disorder
Staff Pick: Caramels!

The DL: We can't wait to sink our teeth into these unconventional sweets from vegan candy company Obsessive Confection Disorder—caramels infused with lavender and Jameson's Irish Whiskey? Don't mind if we do! Something tells us that Old-Fashioned-loving Mad Men protagonist Don Draper would approve of the latter. If the return of AMC's hit drama has you craving cruelty-free versions of classic '60s eats, check out our feature Mad Men-Era Recipes Veganized and bust out your meatloaf pan!

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