Friday, April 8, 2011

A Cookbook, Gum, and Necklaces

The Date: Friday, April 8
The Delivery: Eat Greens by Barbara Scott-Goodman and Liz Trovato; vegan gum from Pur Gum; and necklaces from Love Infinitely
Staff Pick: The necklaces

The DL: These lovely hand-stamped necklaces made from copper, silver, brass, and hemp are courtesy of the lovely Brenda Rodriguez, a former traveler with VegNews Great Adventure to India 2010 and friend of the VN team. She also just launched her new 100-percent vegan Esty shop, Love Infinitely, where you can nab your own "vegan" necklace, among other fantastic finds. Speaking of fantastic finds, have you checked out Press Pass this week? Associate Publisher Colleen Holland dishes about her day at a farm sanctuary, where she found happy chickens, pigs who loved belly rubs, and ample sunshine. If that's not a good way to start the weekend, we don't know what is!

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