Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cleaners, a Book, and Crêpes

The Date: Thursday, April 14
The Delivery: Fruit and vegetable cleaners from Eat Cleaner, Vegan Bite by Bite by Marilyn Peterson, and lentil crêpes/dosas from Health 'n Spice
Staff Pick: Eat Cleaner's fruit and vegetable wash

The DL: After reading Mat Thomas' article about food recalls in our May+June issue, all of us here at VNHQ have been more careful when washing our fruits and veggies. It's a shame we just had lunch, because we can't wait to use this all-natural spray, which removes not only wax, residue, and pesticides, but also cleans hands, countertops, and silverware! If that's not a sanitary bang for our buck, we're not sure what is. Wish you could spend your whole day with fruits and vegetables (and no, we don't just mean eating them)? Check out our featurette on sustainable food jobs to find out about all kinds of food-focused vocations!

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