Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vegan Protein Drinks and Body Care

The Date: Thursday, April 28
The Delivery: Sustained energy protein drinks from Svelte, and lotion, soap, and body oil from Swazi Secrets
Staff Pick: The Spiced Chai protein drink

The DL: We are very familiar with Svelte's protein drinks (they were a Best of Show pick at Expo West last year), so we were pretty darn excited to have them delivered to our doorstep today. You would think that an entire box of French Vanilla, Chocolate, Spiced Chai, and Cappuccino shakes would keep us stocked through the summer months, but they are dropping like flies. Hopefully no fights break out over the last few bottles. Perhaps we'll take our aggression out on some digital fruit instead: After reading VN Editorial Assistant Alexandra Chang's featurette on eco- and veg-friendly games, the entire office is hooked on Fruit Ninja.

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