Monday, April 11, 2011

Makeup Brushes and a Water Bottle

The Date: Monday, April 11
The Delivery: Makeup brushes from Furless and a hydros bottle and t-shirt from Hydros Bottle
Staff Pick: The big set of makeup brushes

The DL: Powder, concealer, and shadow, oh my! This collection of cruelty-free beauty tools is vast and drool-worthy; we can't wait to try them out! With a little luck, these brushes will keep our faces looking springtime fresh from now until Easter (or longer). Speaking of Easter, have you checked out the just-lauched VegNews Easter Store? You'll find everything you need to fill up your Easter basket, including marzipan bars, peanut butter cups, and vegan marshmallows (the last of which just so happens to be on sale)!

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