Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Face Care, Tea, and Vegan Ramen

The Date: Tuesday, April 19
The Delivery: Vitamin A pore-refining mask and gel from Derma E, teas from Oregon Chai, and ramen from Annie Chun's
Staff Pick: The ramen!

The DL: Ever since we started working on our May+June issue, we've been craving a big bowl of noodle-y ramen goodness. (Want to know why? Keep reading.) With Annie Chun's powder- and preservative-free package, we can't wait to healthily relive our college-dorm days by zapping a bowl of these noodles in our microwave. Jonesing for some homemade ramen of your own? Check out the new May+June issue for a feature on (you guessed it...) ramen!


Mellie said...

It's funny since I have been on a big Ramen kick :)

Krista said...

I'm curious if this taste anywhere close to the yummy junk food ramen?! That would be great if it does. Though, I don't know if it is possible to turn a fried noodle product healthy and keep the same taste.
I'm curious to try hopefully i'll find the product somewhere.

Sandra said...

I will sometimes make egg drop soup with Ramen.
Cook as directed, then, just as the noodles are done, gently stir in an already scrambled egg. Wait til it's done and add a few drops of soy sauce... And if you'd like, a drop or two of sesame seed oil... But don't use too much, as it's pretty strong!

Skin Care said...

Ramen is generally a spicy food that evokes a euphoric feeling to your taste buds (and numbs if take in excessive amounts). Satisfying as it is, it should be taken in moderation as it could trigger Rosacea.