Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Probiotic Drink and Body Care

The Date: Wednesday, April 6
The Delivery: Probiotic Coconut Water from GoodBelly, and Candy-Mint Deodorizing Foot Mist and Grapefruit-Bergamot Body Mist from Deep Steep
Staff Pick: The coconut water

The DL: Being vegan does a body good. As do probiotics, electrolytes, and potassium. Fortunately, this new coconut water offers all three in one health-promoting beverage. Talk about multi-tasking! Now that we're thinking about it, puppies, sunshine, and learning how to save money on lunches also do a body good, but if today finds you in a snowstorm without puppies, at least you can read Savvy Vegan!

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