Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Almond Non-Dairy Yogurts

The Delivery: Plain, vanilla, and strawberry Almond Dream yogurts
Staff Pick: Strawberry yogurt!

The DL: This strawberry yogurt from Almond Dream was a big hit with our staff due to its smooth, creamy texture and slam-drunk strawberry flavor. We think this stuff would be a superb addition to a well-rounded breakfast which, if we had our way, would also include Hot Apple Pie Pancakes à la Mode, as seen on the veg blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. The photo of Katie’s ice cream-topped pancakes looked so tasty, we had no choice but to pin it onto the It’s (Vegan) Breakfast Time board on our Pinterest page—and something tells us you'll pin it too. If you’re on the prowl for more veg-friendly Pinterest accounts, we’ve got 11 recommendations that will keep you clicking for hours.


Sasha Mitchell said...

OMG YUM!!!! I hope my Whole Foods get this in!!

Adam said...

ooh nice! I wrote them requesting an almond milk yogurt about a year ago.. do you happen to have an ingredients list for it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tip on dairy-free yogurt.

I too would love to know the ingredients of this yogurt; like So Delicious SOY, it may contain Corn Syrup, which is a no, no...and everything imaginable, as you probably know, has Corn Syrup for sweetness, as though hiding from the ingredients label NO SUGAR!

Thanks again for this article