Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vegan Chocolates, Chai Tea, and Shea Butter

The Delivery: An assortment of vegan truffles from Energy Truffles, pure shea butter by Fran Kramer, Angell vegan candy bars, and a chai latte blend from Tipu's Chai Now
Staff Pick: The truffles

The DL: Ahh, Valentine’s Day. They might as well rename it National Chocolate-Lovers Day, especially around here, where all things cocoa reign supreme. With that in mind, you can imagine how jazzed we were to receive not one but two (!) boxes of Energy Truffles, which are made using organic and raw ingredients such as seeds, nuts, fruits, and even cayenne pepper. If you, like us, have chocolate on the brain today, feed your fantasies by checking out this feature on unconventional cocoa treats. Or work your way through this romantic three-course meal, featuring a ganache and raspberry-layered cake courtesy of cupcake queen Doron Petersan  of Sticky Fingers fame.

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