Friday, February 17, 2012

Pressure Cooker

 The Delivery: An EZ Bean Cooker, along with a variety of dry beans from Whole Foods' 365 Organic and Walmart's Great Value brand

The DL: Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart. The more you eat, the more you … want to keep eating because they’re so delicious. (What did you think I was going to say?) We can’t wait to try out the EZ Bean Cooker, which promises to prep protein-rich legumes in a matter of minutes. EZ indeed! Some quick-cooking Red Beans and Rice prepped in the Bean Cooker would pair perfectly with Biscuits and Creamy Sage Gravy for a superb Southern-inspired meal, or would be a fine addition to any vegan Mardi Gras party spread, perhaps alongside some Jambalaya and Cajun Stuffed Peppers. Now that’s a party we’d like to attend!


Clopaw said...

We've had an EZ Bean Cooker for several months, and we love it. There is such a big difference in the taste of the beans prepared this way compared with canned beans. We've made several different dishes, which all came out well. The cooker is easy to use, and easy to clean up when you're done.

Anonymous said...

is the bean cooker easier than a crock pot? more tasty? does a home really need this appliance?

ps: i had never heard of a bean cooker until now. i cook beans often.